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What We Provide
Property Marketing
We employ a range of marketing tools to reach a broad audience. Prospective renters can effortlessly schedule property viewings via our digital listings. Our technology enables us to streamline the leasing process, reducing the timeline by 50% compared to industry standards, while also attracting a greater number of qualified prospective residents.
Tenant Screening
Dealing with troublesome tenants can pose significant challenges for property owners. To mitigate this risk, we've developed a thorough screening process designed to weed out unsuitable applicants and safeguard your investments. With our extensive experience in placing hundreds of tenants into properties, we've honed our ability to identify key indicators ensuring a positive tenant experience for your properties.
Tenant Placement
After an applicant is approved, we oversee a seamless move-in procedure following the signing of lease agreements and any additional required paperwork, which may include collecting rent, deposits, and other fees. We handle the transfer of responsibilities, utilities, and any other necessary items to finalize the move-in process.
Property Inspections
Place your property in our care and bid farewell to concerns about its condition. We conduct regular inspections and maintain comprehensive records of all property activities. With frequent exterior and interior inspections, we guarantee proper upkeep of the property. Our proactive approach involves identifying potential issues early, whether from deferred maintenance or tenant feedback, to enhance the overall property experience.
Rent Collection
Fed up with the hassle of chasing down rent payments every month? Let us take care of rent collection for you. Our user-friendly digital portal allows tenants to make payments online effortlessly. With over 5 convenient payment methods available, we ensure that collecting rent is as convenient as possible for both you and your tenants.
Bid farewell to wasting your precious time on property maintenance tasks. We manage maintenance requests and collaborate with trusted vendors to ensure the job is completed to satisfaction. With our diligent, insured, and proactive team, we oversee repairs ranging from minor $50 jobs to extensive renovations costing tens of thousands of dollars. Our vendors offer competitive pricing while delivering top-notch results on the initial attempt. Additionally, for our multifamily clients, we take charge of various details including landscaping, pool services, fire and alarm systems, proactive AC tune-ups, key access, and other services tailored to the specific needs of each property.
Evictions can be both stressful and burdensome. With our support, you won't have to navigate the process alone. We facilitate seamless coordination with our eviction team, ensuring swift and efficient filing of paperwork. Upon approval of the eviction, we take charge of property possession or arrange for sheriff assistance as necessary. Subsequently, we initiate the necessary repairs and swiftly move towards re-leasing the property to minimize downtime.
Financial Reporting
Our dedicated team meticulously manages your finances, handling everything from tax documentation to profit and loss statements. Access your financial information conveniently through our account portal anytime. Utilizing a variety of reports, we provide quick insights into your property's performance. You'll receive statements twice a month, featuring detailed information such as income statements, delinquency reports, and rent rolls, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding your property's financial status.
Verified Audits
Every day, we diligently review, assist with, and confirm your financial records. This encompasses tasks such as bank reconciliations, tracking tenant liabilities, and managing property balances, among other responsibilities. Our team handles all the bookkeeping tasks, saving you time and ensuring accuracy, so you can provide comprehensive documentation to your CPA at year-end. Adhering to state guidelines, we ensure strict separation of funds, including maintenance reserves and rent accounts, while safeguarding security deposits in dedicated accounts.